Due to the importance that the Entertainment Industry has acquired nationally and globally in terms of the organization and management of events, groups and conventions, as a profitable and highly useful entity to generate experiences among the public, specialized training in the area, which guarantees the proper operation of this business tool. The Post Graduate Diploma Event Management was born with the purpose of satisfying the demands and the growing demand on the part of the labor market of professionals of the events sector, with a careful training and according to the new needs of this sector.

The Post graduate diploma in event management at Tritya Institute of Event Management places students in the world of communication and its tools, emphasizing the different parts that make up the coordination of an event. It offers the learning of a methodology as a tool for the organization of the event, converting it into communication value.

What is the Post graduate diploma in Event Management?

Event Management is an important strategic marketing tool for today's companies. Promotional events help improve the image of a company, as well as build lasting relationships with customers. From product launches to press conferences for large openings, Event Management professional plan and run events, handling a wide range of services related to the event, including creative, technical and logistic strategies.

A Master in Event Management prepares students for the planning and execution of events, in addition to offering a critical education in brand building, marketing and communication. This multi-dimensional skill set is critical to booming in the vast field of event management.Training is completely equipped to manage events companies, conventions business tourism as well as institutions, and who are able to achieve the expected results at a universal level.

The event is a channel to communicate messages. The implementation of events, small and large scale, is one of the marketing and communication strategies most developed by companies and agencies. They are an effective tool for their adaptability and innovation possibilities in the transmission of concepts, product launches and corporate actions. This Postgraduate diploma course in event management helps in developing the capacity for creativity and innovation in the industry and its sustainable management through comprehensive and specialist training, equipping participants to take on positions of responsibility.

Throughout the program the student is informed of the importance of efficiently and efficiently organizing an event regardless of its size or theme, from cultural or sports events to business meetings, conferences, openings and social events.

Main objective of the program

To know the tools and elements necessary to effectively coordinate a social as well as corporate event, in such a way that the resources, time and potential of the interested parties are optimized: clients, suppliers, guests and the own work team, obtaining the maximum satisfaction of the client designing creative and innovative strategies.

Program aimed at entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and people interested in business growth and development through the organization and promotion of social or corporate events; Graduates of tourism administration, graphic design, marketing, communication, gastronomy, advertising as well as public relations among others.

Student will get the entire exposure of event management industry with reasonable amount of in depth knowledge of Corporate Events, Social Events, Fashion Shows, Reality Shows, Wedding Planning,Celebrity Management, Product Launches, Movie Promotions, Sports Events, etc.TIEM faculties will develop student management skills to plan, coordinate and execute any events which will help them to make career in future. Our educational modules is plan in a way that each student will find the opportunity to get placement with in more than 100 placement options available.Our Strong industry approach will guide and assist student to form own event company under the guidance of CEO and CMD of the event management companies. At TIEM our educational programs, syllabus, books continually modified on yearly basis for giving you new approach, aptitudes and systems in all Aspects of Media, Marketing & Events so that faculties can upgrade themselves to give student more industry relevant and up to date knowledge as compared to other colleges.


Full Time PGDEM programs take place over 2 Semesters (i.e. approximately 9 months of term time and 3 Month Industry Exposure). Our PGDEM program starts in late June/July and continue until May, with a 3 month Paid Internship or Industry exposure within a year. Students will get a reasonable amount of prior real Industry work experience and take classes during weekdays from Monday to Friday. We involve students higher course load with more intense classes and monthly assessments based on taught in the classes.

Part Time PGDEM programs hold classes on weekday evenings, after normal working hours, and on weekends. Part-time programs last for one year with Industry Exposure. Part Time program is for those students who are the working professionals, house wife or not having time in weekdays for pursue the course.

  • Duration -1 Year
  • Eligibility - Graduate Or Equivalent
  • Course Details
  • Communication, Pr & Presentation Skills For Events
  • Event Planning, Sponsorship & Budgeting
  • Event Marketing & Branding
  • Event Team Management
  • Special Events - Wedding Planning & Live Events
  • Event Production & Logistics
  • Event Catering, Law & Permissions
  • Advance Aspects Of Event Management
  • Event Coordination
  • Special Events - Mice & Corporate Events

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