The course is specially designed for its use by the executives who act in the retail sector: general managers, commercial managers, sales managers and marketing managers, sales managers and executives of the commercial area. A top management program provides new theoretical knowledge and experience learning of accredited teachers that allows: to have the best tools, theoretical training, training and training with cutting-edge methodology, which nurtures new skills to boost the career of that potential new leader. It is evident that in the courses of this category, very good talent and diverse experiences are gathered that together are enriching.

It is common that once you have passed the course, keep in touch with several of these assistants who in turn are part of important organizations, which in addition to keeping the communication channel open, can at a certain moment open an important door so that our candidate starts his professional development in a reference organization.

In the management and business management there are no miraculous recipes. Neither is there to enhance the development of a professional career of a manager who has attended an Executive MBA. But what is certain is that a course in this category gives a global knowledge of the different areas of a company, such as strategy, human resources, finance and accounting, project management or marketing, not without also achieving to develop and strengthen the own skills to occupy positions of responsibility in any organization.

The Retail sector is currently facing three major challenges

  • An emerging and fast multichannel, in which the combination of efforts and commercial synergies between online and the physical store will be the key to attracting and retaining the shoppers.
  • Manage the impact of technology well in the points of sale.
  • Satisfy a new shopper much more informed and, therefore, more demanding, who not only looks for a good price but also a fully satisfactory and memorable shopping experience.

Through MBA in retail management with Tritya Institute of Event Management, answers and solutions are given to these and other challenges that Retail professionals have to face today.

Characteristics of MBA in Retail Management

  • Capable of successfully performing marketing and sales functions in the new era of modern retail and anticipating new market needs.
  • It combines properly on-line retail and physical stores to face with guarantees the challenges posed by new shoppers and technology.
  • Achieve excellence in modern distribution to be able to give an immediate and adequate response.
  • Get maximum profitability by looking for the lowest cost, while adding value to the consumer.

Objective of MBA in retail management

To achieve commercial excellence and obtain good profitability results, we must understand the current commercial world of retail, which in turn is very complex: high operating costs, adequate inventory management, more demanding customers, fierce competition, less differentiation between products and services, salespeople who do not always understand or share the values of the company and changes in the traditional rules of the game due to the popularity of the internet and e-commerce; These trends and the growing conflict environment in which we are moving force us to rethink the methods and systems of commercial management in retail.

  • Define retail commercial management, structure.
  • Design the main management indicators in retail.
  • Manage inventories efficiently.
  • Establish commercial policies that impact the retail business.

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