The MBA in Hospitality Management is responsible for the study and analysis of the hotel and restaurant sector, its structure and its trends of change and evolution. In this matter, special emphasis will be placed on the importance of a good hotel management of the different departments to achieve the final success of the organization.

Thus, in this subject we will focus on the analysis of the organization, studying, not only the division of the departments of the organization, but we will address all the processes: from the moment the client arrives at the establishment until he leaves the establishment. The issues related to tourism animation, will have a special place in this course. The hospitality business has innumerable moving parts. A Masters in Hospitality Management at TIEM provides the fundamental knowledge you need to put the pieces together, so things work like a well-oiled machine. The program develops the technical knowledge and broad, strategic approach necessary to become a manager of high level hospitality.

To this we must add the constant emergence of new services and products largely associated with new technologies, a new model of online marketing, and the expansion of customer services that make the establishment unique and environmental management in hotels, so valued in recent years. With the MBA you will have a strategic and global vision of a manager, as well as the complete knowledge about several departments of a company.

Graduates of the program are more likely to obtain positions in a wide variety of hospitality careers, including hotel management positions, theme park marketing strategies, travel and cruise reservations or complex management. The program prepares graduates with the tools they will need to obtain high-level corporate positions in hotels and tourism and to make important decisions regarding marketing and accommodation for tourists. Individuals who are interested in the hospitality entrepreneurship will learn relevant skills and information that will help them achieve success in business activities.

All future students who want to learn more about receiving an MBA in hospitality management Delhishould contact directly an institution that offers the program. Search for your program below and contact directly with the admissions office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form. The main objectives that are reached with this Master are the following: - To know in depth all the areas and technical capacities necessary for the Management of a Hotel or the Responsible of any of its areas. - Know and have the ability to perform an optimal management of the different areas of a hotel. - Have the skills of leadership skills essential for the Management of Teams and People. - To know in depth the elements of Tourist Marketing. - Perform an adequate control of Quality systems.

General competitions

  • Ability to develop competitive and innovative departmental hospitality management strategies.
  • Ability to deepen the competencies and functioning of the hotel companies, taking into account the different models currently available.
  • Ability to express oneself in a refined technical language that presupposes having a solid knowledge of the concepts and fundamental management instruments applicable to the field of hospitality management.
  • Ability to analyze and manage knowledge and information in the field of hospitality management

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