MBA in General

Expand your network: It one of the most important aspects of an MBA experience is to expand the contact network. Networking is a very important component in all graduate business schools, people come from all over the world to take an MBA in general course at Tritya Institute of Event Management and to create relationships with their peers that go beyond the classroom becoming lifelong friendships, business relationships and connections.

Business and leadership skills: an MBA focuses at our college offers you a lot on creating fundamental business skills while forming the next generation of leaders.
It prepares you for the real world: an MBA program at TIEM is characterized by its Briefcase practical training. Unlike a regular master, an MBA is practice-oriented and focuses on the development of the student's skills and the skills he will need in his work.

What you will get if you do MBA in general course from our Tritya Institute of Event Management It gives you the specialization you need: MBA training is already a specialized training. However, within the MBA area there is a trend towards even greater specialization. It is already normal to see specialized MBA programs in Finance or in Human Resources, which focus on the management of companies in very specific areas.

Develop your skills: a manager must have skills that accredit him as a competent professional. Managerial skills, leadership skills or team management are essential elements that every manager must possess. MBA programs stimulate and develop these skills focusing on professional practice.

Update your knowledge: if you already have a professional career but have noticed that your career has stalled, an MBA is the best option to update knowledge. The new MBAs promote values such as ethics and sustainability, which until now have been forgotten. If you want to recycle professionally it is recommended that you renew the concept of management based on the new programs and values.

It prepares you before the problems: when dealing with practical cases (real or fictitious) in the classes, MBAs provide you with a capacity of decision with which you will be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any problems that may arise at work. An MBA is a kind of training that offers you "assumptions" before which you must react, make decisions, calculate the impact of them and weigh advantages and consequences.

Accredit your quality as a professional: being programs of an eminently practical nature, they prove your work and are a hallmark of important quality. An MBA allows you to position yourself as a competitive professional in the market and certify your worth. It is a very good cover letter for a company to notice you.

Better position, better salary: the fact of having an MBA is a differential factor highly valued by companies. Having a qualification higher than most will be more likely that your work is better paid More opportunities to find a job: an MBA differentiates you as a professional, something not only important when you value a company, but also allow you to access a wider offer.

Networking: an MBA is not only an important complement to your curriculum, but it can also bring you the contacts you need. Your classmates can become co-workers, so take advantage of the program to do networking.


Get your MBA now from TIEM, leading institute in Delhi/NCR and be set for the future. With trained faculty, vast pool of alumni, you get the best guidance here only at TIEM. Some of the Modules covered are -

  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Tax Accounting
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Cost Management
  • Finance
  • Research Management
  • Organizational Behavior & many more

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