Although sometimes we lose awareness of it, every minute makes us more integrated, globalized and digital. That is, our world is more complex and the finances of a company are part of this terrain. Financial professionals are obliged to handle the fundamental concepts of always with greater solidity, but to know how to connect them with the tools and services that two decades ago were seen as from another galaxy.

The study of Finance offers with the interface of time, money and risk, and the management of funds. Finance is often referred to in terms of business, business or personal finance, and an MBA in Finance prepares students for the management of funds in any of these sectors.All the major strategic business decisions have an important financial content: the real economy and the financial economy are already two inseparable areas. This reality requires good general managers, but at the same time have an excellent financial training.

Unlike most MBAs, the MBA with a specialization in Finance from Tritya Institute of Event Management also provides you with an excellent training and global vision of companies and businesses, a very specialized knowledge in the area of Corporate Finance, an area in which the TIEM is the leading educational centre. The MBA with specialization in Finance is a program designed from a careful selection of subjects and is taught by professors of the highest level. The result is a unique training program of proven effectiveness for the development of managerial, technical and leadership skills of the participants. Aware of the demand of professionals in finance, the Master offers the possibility of deepening knowledge in finance and also obtains a specialization for those who have a more general business background.

MBA in Finance builds a solid business foundation for students and allows them to continue their studies in Finance. MBA programs in Finance help students obtain the management skills as well as knowledge they need to work in the field of finance, which continues to grow as the global market expands. This puts MBA graduates in Finance high demand, ready to enter the competitive workforce.

Many professionals want to add an MBA degree in Finance for their resume in order to be more competitive in the job market. An MBA Finance shows that the graduate has a complete understanding of income management, and money matters in general - particularly those that affect the public, such as banking and investment.

Career opportunities for students with this level of higher education are often presented in the sectors of banking, administration, investment management and much more. The areas of specialization for the Finance MBA include International Finance, Corporate Finance, Finance, Health Care Management and Insurance, to name a few. Students who graduate with an MBA from Finance often go to careers, such as accountants, financial analysts, credit analysts, loan advisors, or personal financial advisors.

If you are interested in obtaining an MBA in Finance, take a look at the description of the programs below. Take the step towards your future education immediately. The MBA with specialization in Finance aims to develop in the student a solid base of knowledge in management techniques and business management. In addition, it deepens in a special way in the area of finance.

Learning which comes after live interactions with industry experts, leaders or managing event of their own makes a whole lot of improvement in our students, which is not possible only with classroom learning. TIEM gives you the unique opportunity to learn as well as gain experience while studying. The latest going-ons in the industry helps our students bag the best placement offers year by year.

Some of the Modules covered in MBA-Finance

  • Financial Management
  • Accounts & Costing
  • Corporate investment management
  • Portfolio management
  • International Finance
  • Economics

After the successful completion of MBA in Finance from TIEM, Delhi, students can gain job in following areas :

  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Derivatives Structuring
  • Hedge Fund Management
  • Private Equity
  • Treasury

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