The MBA has gone from being an exclusive choice of top executives to become an indispensable requirement for any professional who wants to succeed in the business area, regardless of their position, activity or specialty.

Initially it was conceived as an alternative of formative prestige that guaranteed professional growth. That is, we enrolled in a program of this type to climb positions in the labor field and enhance our profiles to managerial, executive or reputable positions.

Over time, however, MBAs became popular and ceased to have that function. It went from a generic approach to multiple specialties that varied according to the level of studies and the accumulated experience of the candidates. At TIEM the students are provided with leadership values so that they can conquer the world of management.

In addition, some of the skills that were insisted on decades ago were no longer valid and the market of the 21st century imposed new demands for the area of management and administration. It was no longer just a question of carrying out high management; you had to adapt to the digital era.

The human factor is the most valuable component of any economic structure, so that its management, together with the business management itself, are keys to the success of the company. Committing yourself to improving the efficiency of work teams is the purpose of the MBA in HR Management. Motivate your employees; build success based on an exemplary people management. The MBA is aimed at obtaining a global vision of the company from the perspective of the General Management, analyze their situation, their environment and their competence to implement the most appropriate strategy to obtain competitive advantages and create new business opportunities and Investment both national and international.

Execution of the marketing scheme to analyze the situation of the company, as well as its competition; in order to make the essential decisions to achieve a differentiated positioning as well as obtain competitive advantages; choosing the target market and the business scheme well is one of the most important marketing decisions.

Knowing how to manage people as well as manage teams with their emotions and motivations and incorporate them into the culture as well as objectives of the company is of vital importance to set up competitive advantages and obtain high presentation from human capital. If we talk about qualification, there are two reasons why a professional makes the decision to perform an MBA: acquire basic management and business skills and update concepts. The first is above all those who are just beginning to open up in the area; the second, from professionals with extensive experience. In what group are you? It does not matter: either way, you'll be better prepared.

Analysis of key issues such as visionary and resonant leadership in the management of work teams, change management, emotional intelligence, recruitment techniques, motivation and retention of talent, work environment, compensation and benefits and skills of negotiation and internal communication; Job Description and Valuation as a basis for the creation of any salary or compensation, and benefits system. The techniques of Performance Evaluation are also analyzed to know the behavior and efficiency of the personnel.

Get your MBA in HR from TIEM, a leading Institute in Delhi/NCR and plan compensation or benefits or manage manpower at any of the MNC's located in India.

Modules covered in MBA-HR

  • Management & Organizational Development
  • Employee Relations Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Compensation Benefits
  • Performance Management & Appraisal
  • Finance
  • Talent Management & Employee Relation
  • Manpower Planning & Resources
  • HR Audit

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