BBA in Retail Management in Delhi

The Tritiya Institute of Event Management offers the retail management course for the interested students. This course represents a valuable marketing and merchandising management tool applied to the point of sale, since the content of the five modules into which it is divided allows analyzing, assessing and diagnosing any commercial establishment, through an innovative audit procedure by the which, an accurate diagnosis of the situation of trade is established, with the aim of correcting critical points to improve its competitive position, proposing improvement actions that allow to boost sales in commerce. People interested in learning a successful profession that meets the expectations currently demanded by the modern distribution sector, through a highly specialized professional profile in retail marketing and strategic merchandising to achieve the objectives. We at TIEM try to raise the best managers in retail field.

What is Raise management?

Retail trade is one of the most important and dynamic sectors in the economy of any country, not only because of the volumes that are operated through it and because of what it represents of GDP, but also because it creates a number of jobs and opportunities. The BBA in retail management provides you a platform to raise yourself as the best managers in retail sector.

At the end of the course the participant will understand the integral management of the retail business. Managing the Point of Sales in an integral manner to optimize a Decision Making for a positive impact on the profitability of the business is the main objective of conducting this course. TIEM uses innovative as well as unique learning techniques for teaching in the classroom.

The program is focused on delivering tools to improve logistics management in the company, making commercial and financial decisions based on basic concepts of retail management, establishing better negotiating relationships with its suppliers and understanding and satisfying the requirements of its customers. . Also, the best practices in the field that have allowed outstanding companies to achieve high levels of efficiency, income and recognition of their customers will be reviewed. This is complemented by knowledge applied to e-commerce trends, key in this industry.

It is intended that students acquire skills and tools of analysis, optimization and management to manage organizations related to the retail industry. The trade is no longer a simple retail distribution point formed by four walls, with a counter and a set of products placed on the shelves without a strategic sense. It is a world of sensations where selling more being more profitable, is directly related to the application and the development of retail marketing and merchandising strategies, and without a doubt, make up the key strategies of successful retail companies to sell more. The aim of this course is to provide the professional knowledge of retail industry to the students, both in retail as well as suppliers. Also, to all those entrepreneurs, executives as well as professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge and acquire skills to be competitive in this industry.

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