The tourism industry is experiencing dynamic growth. This expansion of hotels and restaurants around the world has increased the demand for skilled workers, with knowledge that are ready to excel in the world of accommodation, food services, tourism and travel. The Hospitality Management Program at the Tritya Institute of Event Management offers the perfect start for students looking for a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry. We believe that the educational experience must include the preparation and formation of leadership roles and a successful career in the variety of fast-growing careers available and changing the hotel industry today.

Among the most important attributes of professional success in the hospitality sector are customer service, effective communication, creativity, flexibility, the ability to get along with others, and a good work ethic. Our goals in the program are the development of students as critical thinkers, capable of solving problems, and team players.

The Hospitality Management Program at TIEM prepares there students for successfully establishing themselves in the industry of hotel general management as well as restaurant management. Because you are interested in the business of tourism and, specifically, hotels; a hospitality manager is one who is responsible for all hotel management or even hotel chain, so you have to have leadership, as well as a vocation to serve. The BBA in hospitality management at TIEM makes you capable of getting recognized in the hospitality sector. The Tritya Institute of Event Management provides the guaranteed employment to its students. The structure of the program promotes critical and creative thinking through the practice and continuous experience of the participants. A culture of leadership is fostered through subjects oriented to the management of groups and the personal and professional development of its members.

To study Hotel Management, it is important to be a good communicator and to know the hotel world, the industry and society in general. A hotel manager should be aware that the client should always be satisfied with the service they receive and should quickly face all the problems that this business involves. In addition, a hotel manager or whoever manages the hotel has to be aware that it will have to be in continuous contact with all hotel workers, as well as all suppliers, including the media; all this, in order to improve the reputation of the business and promote it to tourists.

The hospitality management professional is trained to perform administrative management tasks in hotels, design packages and tourism plans, develop promotion plans that increase tourism and hotel development. Given the differences in the characteristics, as well as the sizes of the hotels, the hotel managers can perform different functions and administrative tasks. Some may administer only one area of the hotel, in coordination of their activities with those of the managers of other sections. In other hotels, the manager is usually responsible for the entire hotel, with all its areas. If you own a hotel, it is possible to manage the entire business on your own or hire managers for some areas. Other options where a hotel manager can work are in other accommodation and tourism businesses.

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